Real Lifestyles

Our Real Lifestyles Program Helps Patients Transition Home Again

Regents Park Boca's Real Lifestyles Program is an innovative approach designed to help patients create realistic expectations for what life will be like once they've completed their recovery and returned to their own homes. We help make that happen by letting them practice real-world experiences in a specially designed, apartment-style room right in our facility.

It works very systematically. First, all patients are evaluated upon admission. Second, we collaborate with the patient and family to determine appropriate and attainable goals that take into account the patient's own unique circumstances. Third, as patients rehab and recover, we help prepare them for life in their own homes after rehabilitation.

We ease them into a transition home by first developing interdisciplinary goals specific to patients' home settings as well as their personal needs once they are discharged. As discharge approaches, we have them practice what they've learned during rehab, and we do it by providing an actual setting within Regents Park that replicates a real home setting. In that apartment-like area, we have a kitchen, a bedroom and bathroom so that patients can actually test the skills they'll need when they go home.

We believe our approach is essential in helping patients return home and being able to function in that environment comfortably and safely. Our approach also helps alleviate the fear that often occurs at the time of discharge.

Following are some of the techniques or training components we use to help patients practice the skills that can help them reach realistic goals — and their comfort zone — once they're home again.

  • Leisure activities, indoor as well as outdoor
  • Household management
  • Basic self care; grooming, bathing and dressing
  • Functional mobility
  • Meal preparation when indicated
  • Management of finances
  • Computer skills when indicated
  • Medication and medical management

You've heard the old phrase, “practice makes perfect.” That's what our Real Lifestyles Program is all about, and it embraces our whole philosophy of “Rehab, Recover, Relax.”

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