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How Our Comprehensive Stroke and Neuro Program Can Aid in Recovery

A stroke can seem to occur out of the blue and often they are deadly. According to the National Stroke Association, strokes are actually the fourth leading cause of death in America and a leading cause of adult disability. Mostly, they occur when a blood clot blocks an artery or a blood vessel, interrupting blood flow to an area of the brain. For survivors, treatment for the fullest recovery possible is imperative.

Of course, strokes aren’t the only neurological and life-altering events that can seriously impair a lifestyle. At Regents Park Boca Raton, we’re equipped to help in the recovery process for a broad range of neurological problems, including head injury, traumatic head injury, Parkinson’s disease, brain tumor, arteriovenous malformation and aneurysms.

To treat people in our stroke and neurological program, we assemble a multidisciplinary team to assess and target a comprehensive care plan best suited to treat each patient and the specific nature of the individual’s problem.

The rehab team involved in our strategy includes the attending physician, nursing professionals, a social worker, physical, occupational and speech therapists as well as a neurologist and physiatrist. Communication between all team members is continual with a team conference held weekly and frequent updates to family and the patient.

Care plans are individualized for every patient based on their diagnosis and needs. The goal is to maximize each patient’s functional abilities, restoring him or her to an optimal functional level.

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Any time we work with patients who experienced a stroke or other neurological issue, we involve not just the patient but the patient’s family. We believe it’s important that both are taught compensatory techniques to improve independent living and reduce the burden on caregivers upon discharge. Patients are also urged to continue their rehabilitation program after they’ve gone home, with close monitoring by their primary physician and neurologist.

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