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We Offer Outpatient Services to Help Maximize Your Recovery

There’s nothing sweeter than completing your inpatient therapy program in a rehabilitation center. You leave with much greater confidence, renewed strength, and new strategies for adapting to your changed circumstances. However, even though you’ve graduated from an inpatient rehabilitation program, it doesn’t mean your need for therapy has ended.

Being discharged from an inpatient therapy program in a nursing home means you’re ready to go home, not necessarily that you are ready to do all the day-to-day activities you were doing prior to your surgery or medical calamity.

To get back on track with all your previous activities, you will probably need outpatient therapy. The Regents Park Boca Raton outpatient program uses the latest techniques and equipment and provides specialized services for individuals with various injuries or disorders. In our rehabilitation program our professional staff focuses on returning you to your prior community roles, hobbies, and activities of daily life.

Even if you were never a rehabilitation patient at Regents Park of Boca Raton, you can still take advantage of our outpatient rehabilitation services. Our services, which include physical, occupational, and speech therapy are available Monday through Friday. They’re conveniently conducted in our own facility at 6363 Verde Trail in Boca Raton. Of course every case is different, but most people are scheduled for therapy three times per week.

There are two advantages to attending outpatient therapy: You have that expert therapist by your side again and we have top-of-the-line therapy equipment that you usually would not have access to in your home.

So what circumstances bring people to our outpatient service? Here are just some diagnoses we work with: amputations, arthritis, back and neck injuries, joint replacements, neurological disorders, orthopedic injuries, pain management, spinal dysfunctions, strokes, work injuries, lymphedema, brain injuries, and multiple post-surgical conditions.

To take advantage of Regents Park’s outpatient service, a doctor’s prescription is required. Prescriptions must specify the medical diagnosis, type (physical, occupational, or speech), frequency, and necessary duration of therapy required.

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Although we know you feel young at heart, the rehabilitation process becomes increasingly difficult as you get older. We are here to offer you any additional help you will need with your continued recovery, to get you back to 100%.

Have questions? Give us a call at 561-483-9282. You don’t have to go it alone.

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Angels DO exist and they are working at Regents Park in Boca Raton. My mom has been there 3 times now and the care she receives and the loving way the staff goes about performing their duties is unsurpassed. Thank you Regents Park Angels for all that you do for all of our loved ones!

‐ Bianca Cirillo
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