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Knees, Hips, Arthritis, Injury — How Our Orthopedic Program Can Help

The orthopedic program at Regents Park Boca was designed for patients with musculoskeletal diagnoses, which typically include injuries sustained by falls or accidents, surgical procedures such as total knee or hip replacements, neck and back surgery, shoulder replacements and the like.

Other patients in the orthopedic program may suffer from arthritis, which can leave them with decreased physical functioning and chronic pain.

To restore patients to an optimal physical state and help return them to the quality of life they previously enjoyed, Regents Park Boca’s orthopedic program uses an interdisciplinary team that involves the patient’s physician, physical and occupational therapies, a social worker, dietician and nursing professionals. Members of our rehab team are experts in the field, maintaining proper physician protocols, and continuing their education on the latest technologies and newest surgical procedures.

Our rehab team’s goal is to minimize pain during therapy and return our patients to a functional level of independence through education and a personalized plan of care. Our social workers ensure that the patient and family are involved with the discharge plan using the physician and team’s recommendations for any equipment and continued therapy.

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I spent about 3 months in this facility with a shattered knee joint. Never did I encounter anyone who was not caring, pleasant and competent. I had serious complications following knee surgery and they brought me back from being in serious pain, and unable to even sit up on a gurney – to walking bipedal with a wheeled walker at discharge. After discharge, and subsequent home care and out-patient care – I am now walking normally and healthy.

The facility is kosher as are the meals – but they were nutritious and tasted quite well. Overall, I would equate it to a cruise, without the ship; they will give you as much as you can eat and I actually gained weight along with considerable strength through daily physical and occupational therapy. I learned something about another culture, and thoroughly enjoyed the recovery experience, despite the restrictions of a kosher diet to a non-kosher individual. Visitors were allowed to bring me pizza and cheeseburgers.

It is not an acute facility, but my healing process needed a less strenuous recovery anyway. I received 2-3 hours of therapy each day, including Saturday and Sunday to the limits of my safe endurance. One of the better features is that they assigned me one individual, who worked with me primarily, except on his 2 days of per week. Robert and Bernie were big men, capable of catching me if I fell, and they saved me every time I faltered. Even the aide, who bathed me when I was immobilized, was there to save me one time when I slipped in the shower. Further, I would emphasize that the Occupational Therapy “is a key part of successful recovery”. The strength training accelerates one’s metabolism and the healing process.

My devoted wife was with me constantly following my accident and they did everything to accommodate her.

‐ Chet Heath
6363 Verde Trail
Boca Raton, FL 33433
| (561) 483-9282