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Knees, Hips, Arthritis, Injury — How Our Orthopedic Program Can Help

The orthopedic program at Regents Park Boca was designed for patients with musculoskeletal diagnoses, which typically include injuries sustained by falls or accidents, surgical procedures such as total knee or hip replacements, neck and back surgery, shoulder replacements and the like.

Other patients in the orthopedic program may suffer from arthritis, which can leave them with decreased physical functioning and chronic pain.

To restore patients to an optimal physical state and help return them to the quality of life they previously enjoyed, Regents Park Boca’s orthopedic program uses an interdisciplinary team that involves the patient’s physician, physical and occupational therapies, a social worker, dietician and nursing professionals. Members of our rehab team are experts in the field, maintaining proper physician protocols, and continuing their education on the latest technologies and newest surgical procedures.

Our rehab team’s goal is to minimize pain during therapy and return our patients to a functional level of independence through education and a personalized plan of care. Our social workers ensure that the patient and family are involved with the discharge plan using the physician and team’s recommendations for any equipment and continued therapy.

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I felt so secure in Regents Park during the hurricane, we were lucky to have power. Bob and Larry were great. The entire staff was diligent and efficient. I am so proud to in Regents Park.

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