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How do I know if I need a rehabilitation facility?

If you are in the hospital because of an illness or surgery and subsequently need assistance with daily activities or walking, you could benefit from in-patient skilled nursing rehabilitation as a short-term rehab patient. We provide a variety of therapy services and specialized rehabilitation programs that help people return home with an optimal level of functioning.

What is the process for being admitted?

To make arrangements for admission, contact your hospital social worker and request Regents Park as your choice for rehab care. Our pre-admissions nurse will review your medical records and once your doctor has cleared you for discharge, she will arrange your transfer. The hospital social worker will arrange transportation to take you, your medical records, and your belongings directly to your room at Regents Park.

What insurance companies are you contracted with?

We accept private pay, Medicare, Medicaid, Aetna HMO and Care Plus HMO insurance plans. Learn more about payment options we accept to ensure you are adequately covered.

What does Medicare pay for, and what does it include?

In a skilled nursing facility Medicare Part A will pay for a semi-private room, meals, medication, rehabilitation services, medical supplies and activities. You must have a three-day hospital qualifying stay prior to admission to a skilled nursing facility. For each benefit period you will be responsible for:

  • Days 1-20: There is no cost for the patient. Medicare pays the entire cost.
  • Days 21-100: As of Jan. 1, 2015 there is a $157.50 co-pay. (Rate changes annually.) If there is a Medicare supplement we will verify the coverage and advise you what the supplement will pay.
  • You will be responsible for all costs incurred past the 100th day.

The benefit period for Medicare Part A is a maximum of 100 days. You must meet Medicare criteria throughout your stay for Medicare to continue to pay. Most patients do not require a 100-day stay.

If you have any questions about Medicare coverage please contact the Admissions Department to clarify any questions you might have. Visit our payment options page for other ways to take care of your stay with us.

What physicians are on staff at the facility?

The best way to sort through your options during a healthcare crisis is to talk to those who understand what your loved one is going through. His or her doctor can help explain various options for her care. Additionally, admission counselors can help resolve medical and insurance issues.

What kind of therapy will I receive, and how often?

We offer physical, occupational, speech and respiratory therapy services. Although the type and amount of therapy provided depends on the residents diagnosis and tolerance level, most residents receive approximately 2 to 2½ hours of therapy per day, five to six days per week. You might also want to check into our many special rehabilitation programs to learn about more options.

What are the visiting hours?

Since we believe that interacting with friends and family are essential for your recovery, there are no restrictions to visiting hours. Come any time and stay as long as you like, and take advantage of our many visitor amenities.

Does the facility offer respite care?

Respite care is available on a private pay basis, and depends on bed availability.

What other services are available on a consultation basis?

The facility also offers dental services, optometry, audiology, psychology, psychiatry, podiatry, physiatry, X-ray, laboratory, swallowing diagnostics, pharmacy and social services.

Can you accommodate special dietary requests?

Our food service director and dietician will carefully supervise your special dietary needs. The menu encompasses a wide variety of choices, and substitutions are readily available. Resident rooms are equipped with personal refrigerators for storage of your personal drinks and snacks.

What personal items should I bring when I'm admitted?

Residents should pack loose, comfortable clothing, shoes with a non-skid surface, toiletries, pajamas, slippers, etc. We recommend leaving all valuables, money and credit cards either at home, or you may choose to secure them in our business office safe.

Are there laundry facilities on site?

Laundry services are complimentary for all residents, and are done on site twice per week, or more frequently if necessary. Labeling of all clothing items is required so that items will be returned in a timely manner. (See expanded video on this subject.)

Are transportation services available if I need to go to my doctors office?

Regents Park does provide a wheelchair transportation van that is available for a nominal fee. There are also independent transportation van services in the community.

What will I do when I'm not in therapy?

Many residents enjoy our daily social activities and entertainment. We also have a beauty/barber shop, ice cream parlor, and library with games, books and wireless internet. Learn more on our accommodations page.

What is the procedure for taking my loved one for a visit outside of the facility?

Loved ones are welcome to leave the facility for a visit or outing. We do ask, though, that you notify the nurse you will be taking your loved one out and sign a release form at the nursing station — both upon leaving and again upon your return. Additionally, a written order from the physician is required.

Whenever a resident is with us for a Medicare-covered stay, there are some restrictions on outside visits set by the Health Care Financing Administration. Overnight stays are not permitted. Please see our director of nursing or social services director for more details.

Can the facility prevent people from falling?

No facility can stop someone from falling. If an individual is already prone to falling or has fallen in the past, chances are that person may fall at Regents Park, too. That’s true for all nursing facilities because none can provide one-on-one care for 24 hours a day. However, Regents Park Boca Raton does have a falls prevention program to help minimize falling. Also, family members can help as well by making certain to alert us upon admission that their loved one has a history of falls.

If I have concerns about care, who should I talk to about them?

Questions about medications, treatment, conditions or overall care can come up at any time during a resident’s stay. We encourage residents to get in touch with the attending physician as well as our nursing or administration staff. Of course, you should also feel free to talk to nurses or nursing assistants on your unit, but understand that they are usually busy providing care to a number of other people, too, and may not be able to research or answer your questions as promptly as you would like. For that reason, the best person to contact may be the care plan coordinator or the specific patient advocate — what we call your Guardian
Angel — who all residents are assigned to very shortly after admittance.

What time of day do discharges occur?

We’re always pleased when residents can return home. Please understand, however, that in order to prepare our rooms for new residents, our discharge time is 10 a.m. If you can’t be discharged by 10 a.m., please talk to us. We may be able to accommodate you.

Do you offer assisted living or long-term care?

Regents Park has 106 Medicare- and Medicaid-certified beds available for long-term care, but we currently do not have any accommodations for assisted living. Note, too, however, that we have expertise in helping short-term patients who may need further rehabilitation after hospitalization for surgery, illness or an injury. For them, we have 74 Medicare-certified beds.

Do you provide outpatient services?

We do! People who wish to continue therapy after discharge from Regents Park Boca Raton need only to get a doctor’s prescription. But even people who have not been inpatients at Regents can get our outpatient services with a doctor’s prescription that gives the diagnosis, the type of therapy required, and how often your physician wants you to get that therapy.

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On May 6th 2013 I entered Regents Park as a patient. The care I received in general was very good. However, I was most impressed with the Occupational and Physical Therapy I received. The entire staff was pleasant and helpful, but I have special thanks for Jennifer and Daniella, who were kind, considerate, and firm.

‐ Wilma Bitterman

Contact Us Today or Stop in for a Tour

On May 6th 2013 I entered Regents Park as a patient. The care I received in general was very good. However, I was most impressed with the Occupational and Physical Therapy I received. The entire staff was pleasant and helpful, but I have special thanks for Jennifer and Daniella, who were kind, considerate, and firm.

‐ Wilma Bitterman
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