Visitor Amenities

Take Advantage of Amenities We Offer to Our Valued Families and Friends

We’re a family-owned business, so we genuinely understand the importance of family and friends in the healing process for every patient entrusted to our care. That’s one reason we developed so many visitor conveniences, all intended to make your trip to Regents Park Boca more enjoyable.

 Here’s what you’ll find:

  • Open Visiting Hours
    We want visitors to stop in often and visit as long as possible, but we know that with life’s hectic pace it isn’t easy to fit in routine visits to a loved one. That’s especially true when that visit has to be squeezed into a certain time period. Because of that, our visiting hours are open. That means you can come anytime and stay as long as you’d like.
  • Valet Parking
    Of course, it’s no surprise that parking at healthcare facilities is usually a problem. But we don’t want you to drive around in circles looking for a parking space far away. That’s why we offer free valet parking Monday through Friday during peak hours.
  • Bring Your Loved One’s Pet
    We are a pet-friendly facility, so feel free to bring your loved one’s pet in to visit. The bond between pets and their owners just can’t be beat. (Check with us in advance for any restrictions.)
  • Stroll Our Gardens
    While visiting take a stroll in one of our many gardens, where you can enjoy our beautiful Florida weather. You’ll find plenty of seating in our garden area as well, so enjoy the outside your way.
  • Join Us for an Ice Cream
    Every afternoon we offer multiple flavors of ice cream and sherbet in your choice of a cup or cone — all for just $2. The next time you’re here, visit our ice cream parlor.
  • Eat with Your Loved One
    If you decide you would like to have a meal with your loved one, meals can be purchased for a nominal charge and you can eat with your loved one in the dining room. For that matter, you can bring food in and eat with your friend or family member in his or her room. Because every room has a small refrigerator, items can be stored.
  • Notary Service
    We understand how difficult it is to get healthcare documents notarized for patients and their families, so notary services are offered free of charge to reduce this anxiety.
  • Free Wi-Fi Access
    While you’re visiting, take advantage of our free Internet access, which allows you to stay up to date, make calls and even conduct business since it isn’t always possible to put the rest of the world on hold while visiting your loved ones.

So come, visit and stay awhile. Take advantage of our visitor amenities. Your loved one is important to us, but so are you. We want you both to be as comfortable as possible.

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