Social Services

From Beginning to End Our Social Services People Are There for You

For anyone entering or leaving a skilled nursing facility, getting accustomed to new surroundings ranks among the toughest transitions people can encounter. That’s especially true since that kind of transition often occurs because of significantly altered — and frequently unexpected — changes.

That’s where our Social Services Department comes in. Our social workers are specifically trained to get you or your loved one through every part of the process. Here is just what some of our social services people do:

  • Conduct interviews with everyone coming in to assess cognitive skills and emotional well-being;

  • Provide resources for community, home health care, medical equipment and educational material for people ready to go home but uncertain about what they may need or how to get it;
  • Offer contact information for private duty aide agencies, care managers and other special organizations such as the U.S. Veterans Administration;

  • Help arrange for ancillary services such as dental, hearing and vision. Social service workers are even prepared to help assist in transitioning to long-term care or a new kind of community outside of Regents Park itself;

  • Help explain and complete advance directives, hospice services and/or help to answer general questions about insurance coverage and eligibility;

  • Be your sounding board. They’ll listen to you and share your thoughts about your experience. They’ll even visit you one-on-one for emotional support and coping strategies as needed.

Regents Park’s social workers don’t work in a vacuum. As with all of our professional staff members, they work closely in an interdisciplinary fashion with other key departments. That helps them answer questions about facility policies, resident rights, general information and just about every aspect of your plan of care.

Please see our YouTube video on this subject.

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